Can You Make Hypertufa Pots Inside?


Yes!  It’s a messy project, but fun to do with a loved one.  Besides, my daughter and I were getting restless for spring and needed an earthy project.  I followed Fine Gardening magazine’s instructions and recipe:

However, making hypertufa pots inside required a couple of other steps.

1. I covered my large dining room table with a soft table cloth and then covered that with a plastic drop cloth (or plastic bags taped together). 

2. To keep the dust contained, I kept the cement mixing pan in a drawstring garbage bag and kept it pulled fairly tight so that while mixing and adding the materials, the dust stayed inside the bag.  I never needed the mask.                                                                        


Other general tips I have learned for indoor hypertufa pots:

1. Follow the portions in the recipe EXACTLY.

2. Drill a tiny drainage hole as hypertufa is very porous.

3. If using the 'mold in mold' method and cooking spray did not help release the pot, tamp it evenly and gently with a soft mallet.

4. Wait to put a plant into the pot until it has thoroughly dried to a light grey. It may take 2-3 weeks.